Pipe Band Leaders:

We know coordinating supplies and gear for your group can be a massive hassle. we're trying to fix that.

The solution?

Quartermaster's Assistant from The Pipers Hut.

Here's how it works:

     - You reach out to our staff. You can register online below or contact us by phone or email.

     - Your personal assistant will gather information about your band's required and preferred equipment for members.  (Share as much or as little as you like, but remember the goal is that when you get a new member all of their gear questions can be directed to us instead of you.)

     - Then... leave the rest to us!

                 We'll create a band login that sticks with your band (even if the Quartermaster changes).

                 You'll receive your Quartermaster's login and a link to your band ordering page.  

                 All your band supplies in one place for easy ordering at a special discounted rate just for you.

Next, we'll provide a welcome email for your members (you can send or we'll take care of it for you).  The email will direct them to a page just for your band members.  

    - The page will explain all required and optional equipment (per your instructions) no matter where you would like them to purchase.  We'll happily include instructions/links to wherever you would like. 

    - Any items you require that we carry at The Pipers Hut will be listed on one easy click-to-order page. 

    - While members won't receive your special pricing, if they choose to order from us, they will have a discount on all required items and special offers throughout the year.

So, to sum up:

     - The band receives special pricing and simple ordering process.

     - Band leadership gets to worry more about playing and less about answering member questions about gear.

     - Band membership receives clear instructions, a discount on all required items we carry and special other offers.


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