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Irish Family Mini Books

Irish Family Mini Books - Available in 74 Irish Surnames these attractive mini books are a great little item to pick up to learn more about your family name. Each book has a brief description of the origins of the your family name and describe how your family helped to shape Ireland as a country. As well there are lots of little facts in each book

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Scottish Clan Mini Book

Clan Mini Books - Available in 108 clan names these attractive
mini books are a great little item to pick up to learn more about your
family name. Each book has a brief description of the origins of the
clan system, and how the name has come about. As well there are lots of
little facts in each book.

Our Price: $4.95
All you need to know about Whisky

Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about Scotch whisky. Inside you will find all the relevant facts to do with your favourite classic malts, how ‘the water of life’ had its origins in mystic medieval times in ancient Caledonia, how bold smugglers risked life and limb to escape the dreaded customs men, the real story behind the fortuitous shipwreck of Whisky Galore!, a tour of the top distilleries and much, much more…

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Strange Old Scots Customs

Strange Old Scots Customs - The Scots have always been superstitious. Our ancestors were savages who painted their faces, believed in magic and worshiped the sun, offering human sacrifices to their gods. Some ancient customs have survived to the present day while others, thankfully, have passed into history.

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So You're going to wear the Kilt

So You're Going to Wear the Kilt - All you want to know about Tartan Dress. A readable and handy book on Scottish attire not only for those starting to wear Scottish dress, but also for those who may have been wearing the kilt for some time.

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Tunes of Glory

Tunes of Glory - Stories, history, traditions, music and humor of the Highland Bagpipe. A great history of the Bagpipe. If you're a piper or interested in piping then this is a book you need to know about.

Our Price: $13.95
Ghosts, Massacres, and Horror Stories of Scotland's Castles

Ghosts, Massacres & Horror Stories of Scotland's Castles - Phantom hounds, spectral pipers, eerie drumbeats in the night, green ladies, weeping stones, ancient curses, skeletons entombed in hidden dungeons, heads floating in the air, screams of torture at midnight even the devil himself - they're all here in the tales of terror conjured up from Scotland's sinister, ancient keeps.

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Scottish Battles

Scottish Battles - By George Forbes. Scottish Battles tells the thrilling story of blood-stained conflicts from the time of the Roman and Viking invasions to the Jacobite rebellions which ended with the last battle fought on British soil. A must for anyone who is interested in what warfare was really like in days gone by.

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Scottish Proverbs

Scottish Proverbs - A wise and often hilarious compilation of Scottish wit and wisdom garnered over the centuries. Countless topics are covered in a comprehensive A-Z format with many witty illustrations.

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The Whisky Smugglers

The Whiskey Smugglers - At Ferintosh in the North East of Scotland, the distillery was burnt down because the owner Duncan Forbes, has supported the restoration of the Protestant Monarchy of 1688. In recompense the Scottish Parliament gave him the privilege of making whisky from the grain grown on his own estate without paying taxes. This privilege enable Forbes and his family to produce whiskey at a price and quality which their rivals could not match.

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Tracing your Irish Family

Tracing Your Irish Family History - by Anthony Adolph. This book is a
great resource for anyone who has traces of Irish history in their
ancestry. It gives you all of the tools that you will need to
successfully find out about your long lost relatives.This book is up to
date and includes information about searching for family on popular
internet sites.

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Scots Kith and Kin

Scots Kith & Kin - This classic book is a great one for researching your family history. For anybody who is interested in the clans, then this is a must. The book lists all of the Scottish Surnames, and their links to the appropriate clans. Included in the back is a wonderful fold out map of Scotland with the clans listed.

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan

This visual guide provides a detailed insight into the origins and history of tartan, and a comprehensive and informative directory of all the major tartans, both ancient and modern.

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Christmas Music

A good collection of Christmas Hymns for the bagpipe.

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