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Strange Old Scots Customs

Strange Old Scots Customs - The Scots have always been superstitious. Our ancestors were savages who painted their faces, believed in magic and worshiped the sun, offering human sacrifices to their gods. Some ancient customs have survived to the present day while others, thankfully, have passed into history.

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Tunes of Glory

Tunes of Glory - Stories, history, traditions, music and humor of the Highland Bagpipe. A great history of the Bagpipe. If you're a piper or interested in piping then this is a book you need to know about.

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First Book, By Neil Dickie

Neil Dickie - First Book. A Step in the Left Direction! A music book of "Light Tunes" or "Kitchen-piping Tunes" as author Neil Dickie refers to them. This book is an interesting collection of light tunes and original recent compositions that are currently being played by North American and Scottish Pipe Bands.

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Guinness Tin Whistle & Instruction Book and CD

Guinness Tin Whistle Tutor Kit - This new whistle pack comes with an instructional book and the black whistle. This is a terrific package that is proving to be very popular with those wanting to learn the whistle. Each kit comes with a book and has over 20 well known favorites for you to learn.

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Santa's Favorite Piping Tunes

This is a great collection of traditional Christmas Music!

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The Silver Chanter

The Silver Chanter - by Stuart McHardy. This book had a nice collection of traditional Scottish and Gaelic tales that have been translated into a modern perspective. It is a great little book to read about traditional Scottish and Gaelic Culture.

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100 Irish Ballads

100 Irish Ballads with words and music - This book and CD contains your
favorite Irish ballads on both book and CD. If you are not familiar with
how the song goes, listen to it on the CD.

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Christmas Music

A good collection of Christmas Hymns for the bagpipe.

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Bagpipes - A National Collection of A National Instrument

Bagpipes - by Hugh Cheape. This book is based on a collection of
Bagpipes from the National Museum in Scotland. The book offers and
account of the musicology of the bagpipe in its European context. The
book comes with a CD-ROM as well.

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The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

Kilberry Book - Piobaireachd. The Kilberry book is one of the most important Piobaireachd books around. For most people the two main sources to look up different Piobaireachd's have been the Kilberry book, and the Piobaireachd Society books. This book comes hard bound.

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Drummer Beginner Kit

Set includes:

Premier Practice Pad
Premier KP2 Snare Sticks

Stronach's Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor

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