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Shamrock top Sgian Dubh

This Sgain Dubh has an enameled green shamrock on white top on a plastic handle.

Our Price: $71.95
Plain Handle, Plain Top Thistle Metalwork Sgian Dubh

This sgian dubh has a patterned handle, thistle metal accents and a stainless steel blade

Our Price: $81.95
Rope Handle, Plain Top Celtic Metalwork Sgian Dubh

This sgian dubh has a rope patterned handle, celtic metal accents and a stainless steel blade

Our Price: $81.95
Stag Handle Sgian Dubh

A beautiful day Sgian Dubh, hand-crafted in Scotland from real stag antler.

Features a stainless steel blade and genuine leather sheath as standard

Our Price: $81.95
Celtic Clan Crest Sgian Dubh

Beautiful Sgian Dubh featuring the Clan Crest of your choice, hand crafted in Scotland to the highest standard.

The stone is multi
facet cut and gold foil backed and the traditional 4-piece Metalwork is
cast in lead-free pewter and plated in palladium.

Stainless Steel Blade

Choose from over
250 Clan Crests, all of which are the latest representations approved by
the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, or generic (Lion, Thistle, St.
Andrews, Piper or Masonic crests).

Available in a choice of 6 stone colours or alternatively can be supplied with a plain metal top.

The Sgian Dubh is supplied in a highly attractive presentation box as standard.    

Our Price: $98.95
The Officer Sgian Dubh

Modern version of an Ancient design.

"The Officer" Sgian Dubh is crafted from brass, wood and stainless steel. It is an Sgian Dubh of exceptional quality.

The first recorder use of this type of utlity knife was in the Crimean War, but because of the cost & complexity of manufacture, it was always considered a gentlemans accessory.

The original had an corkscrew and hoof pick, however for modern day use we have replaced the pick with screwdriver and bottle opener.

Our Price: $98.95