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Free Education Consultation Free Education Consultation

Need help deciding on the next step in your bagpiping adventure? This FREE service will help get you headed in the right direction. Maybe it's getting ready for competition season, how to get started on the bagpipe, how to find a quality local instructor or how to begin lessons with us. Based on your experience and your goals, there are many paths to choose from. Whatever the case, we're here to help.

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Bagpipe Re-Hemping Bagpipe Re-Hemping

If your pipes need re hemping, we are happy to help. We will re hemp all of the hemp joints on your pipes for you!!

I use black waxed hemp on the hemp joints going into the stocks, and yellow un-waxed hemp on the tuning slides (with cobblers wax next to the wood and bees wax on the exterior). Of course we will re-hemp them any way you like!!

The price for this service is $20.00 with your hemp, or $20.00 plus the cost of materials used. If we provide the hemp and wax, you will receive the balance of unused hemp and wax.

Our Price: $20.00