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Massed Bands Drum Scores

Massed Band Drum Settings with CD, 20 page book for learning to play traditional massed bands drum scores. They accompanying CD has recordings of all the scores at four tempos to accommodate all levels of players. The marching tempo includes a piper playing along. A comprehensive learning tool.

Our Price: $38.99
Stronach - Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor

Doug Stronach's method for beginner and intermediate drummers featuring a CD ROM which includes:
  • 78 professionally recorded audio tracks
  • 14 digital Videos
  • Scores played with and without piper
  • All exercises with or without a metronome

Our Price: $43.99
Meade - Keeping the Beat Book and DVD

Bob Meade's book and video cover tenor and bass drumming for pipe bands. Great instruction material for beginners and novices.

Our Price: $51.99
Tyler Fry Interactive Tenor Drumming DVD

A dynamic, fun, instructional package designed to teach the art of tenor drumming using multi-angle video footage to offer different visual perspecitves. Each package contains 2 interactive discs - a CD ROM for computer use and bonus DVD for television. The instruction includes practice with the rhythmical structures of time signatures common to pipe bands including simple and compound time and motion, development of flourishing techniques, and an introduction to rhythmic accentuation and syncopation.

Our Price: $87.95