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Scottish Small Pipes, and Shuttle Pipes by John Walsh

All Small Pipes are not created equally. Our Small Pipes are handcrafted in the John Walsh Bagpipes' workshop, precision tuned, and rigorously tested. Great care is taken and a vast amount of time is spent on production and assembly to ensure the highest possible quality and balanced tonal perfection of each individual instrument.

The Walsh Shuttle Pipes are hand crafted from quality materials to produce a uniquely sweet sound that is ideal for intimate performances where the Highland pipes would prove too overpowering. The Shuttle Pipes are very affordable, require minimal upkeep and are generally “fun to play”. They are very melodious and certainly an ideal instrument for practicing, as well as performing, by all levels of Highland Bagpipe players. The Shuttle Pipe is crafted from rock maple, is mouthblown and uses practice chanter reeds.