Bagpipe Polishing Kit
Bagpipe Polishing Kit

Bagpipe Polishing Kit

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This kit includes all the essentials for polishing your bagpipes. The polishing compounds included will bring the wood and metalwork back to a brilliant shine whilst also providing protection against the elements.
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Renaissance Wax was formulated in the early 1950’s to conserve museum exhibits that otherwise would have been spoiled by commercial natural waxes available at the time, which contained acids. This can be applied to any type of bagpipe wood to provide a natural lustre and protection.

Bagpipe Metal Polish and Sealant gives a lustrous shine and provides ongoing protection against atmospheric corrosion – but, unlike many metal polishes, it is non-abrasive and does not damage the metal or the wood. Only the smallest amount is required for perfect results. It can be used on all types of bagpipe metal mounts including silver, nickel, antique nickel, brass and alloys.

The kit also includes a cotton cloth to apply the polishing compounds, microfibre brushes for applying the wax to the combs and intricate parts of the external parts of the wood and a microfibre cloth for polishing.

Kit includes:

  • Waterproof zip bag
  • Bagpipe Polish and Sealant
  • Renaissance Wax
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Set of 2 Microfibre brushes

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