Bagpipe Bag Sizes

Maker Size Name Dimensions
Bannatyne Small 9"x24"
Bannatyne Extended Small 9.5"x26.5"
Bannatyne Willie McCallum 10"x26.5" with swan neck and forward drones
Bannatyne Medium 10.5"x26.5"
Bannatyne Large 11.5"x29"
Begg Small 10"x28"
Begg Standard 10.5"x29"
Begg Medium 11.25"x29"
Begg Large 12"x30"
Canmore Small 9.5"x26.25"
Canmore Extended Small 9.5"x27.25"
Canmore Medium 10.25"x27.25"
Canmore Extended Medium 10.25"x28.25"
Canmore Large 11"x28.25"
Gannaway Small 9.75"x26"
Gannaway Medium 10.5"x26"
Gannaway Large 11.5"x27.5"
Gannaway Custom Available Upon Request
Ross Livingstone 9"x27.5" Drones Forward
Ross Extended Small 10"x27.75"
Ross Medium 11"x28.7"

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