Terry Tully Collection Volume 4
Terry Tully Collection Volume 4

Terry Tully Collection Volume 4

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Terry Tully’s name is synonymous with traditional Irish music in the world of bagpipes. Pipe Major of the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, this his fourth collection
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  • Marches: 
  • The Dawning of the Day, Shane O’Neill’s, The Men of the West, The Bogs of Waul, Pipe Major Charles Timmers, Mrs. Patricia Wozencroft, Welcome Home Grainne, The Brass Pipes, Teddy O’Neill, Enniskillen Dragoons
  • Waltzes: 
  • Give Us a Song, Condon’s Frolics, Auston Tierney’s
  • Reels: 
  • The Spinner’s Delight, The Woman of the House, Buttevante Castle, The Morning Dew, Dave’s Dilemma, Micko’s Reel, The Dark Girl in Blue, Welcome Home Grainne, The Monaghan Twig, The Maid Behind the Bar, Foot the Turf, Knocknagow, Happy Days of Easter, My Mother’s Small Pet, The Templeglantine, The Glass of Beer, Tear the Calico, The Roscommon, Stranded in Scotland, The Concertina Reel, O’Dwyer’s Reel, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Mullin’s Fancy, The Kesh Reel, The Primrose Lass
  • Polkas: 
  • As I Went Out Upon the Ice, Sweeney’s, Tureengarbh Glen, Micky Chewing Bubble Gum
  • Airs: 
  • O Bhean A’Ti, The Irish Sea, Down by the Seaside, Taim Breoite go Leor, The March of the King of Laois
  • Jigs: 
  • The Girl from Dungannon, The Scenic Route, The Driver, Alen’s Lucky Stone, McAleer’s Jig, Shelly’s Jig, The Battering Ram, The Lilting Fisherman, The Lark in the Morning, Molly Quinlan’s, The Old Hag Around the Corner, Give us a Song, The Top of Cork Road, The Nightcap, Young Patrick Carr, Bill Harte’s, Bailey’s Nuts, Welcome Home Grainne, The Dutchman and the Grasshopper, Austin Tierny’s, Joe Cooley’s, The Donegal Lass, Montague’s
  • Hornpipes: 
  • The Girl from Dungannon, Joe Cooley’s, Give us Another Song, The Ring of Dreams, The Strutting Jig, The Semi Colon, The Big Yin, Patsy Geary’s, The New Crossroads, The Popular Girl, Kitty Magee, The Meniscus

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