Scottish Food Bible

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The Scottish Food Bible is a perfect companion to any Scottish kitchen. Small and compact in size. Measuring 4.5"(118mm) x 6.25"(158mm).

Scottish produce is celebrated the world over. The demand for game, for example, far exceeds what can be supplied, and Scottish cheeses surpass many from mainland Europe. In this book Claire Macdonald celebrates the very best of home-grown ingredients – from oatmeal, dairy produce, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and even whisky – in 60 imaginative recipes for starters, main course and puddings, as well as for sauces, dressings, baking and other treats.

Recipes include:
Grilled goat’s cheese on stir-fried beetroot with orange and Balsamic vinegar
Chocolate oatmeal biscuits
Iced honey and whisky creams
Herb crepes with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and diced cucumber
Steam-baked cod with lentils, coriander and lime
Venison fillet with green peppercorn, ginger and port sauce

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