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    WE LOVE TO TEACH...but, the best, first option for any skill, including learning the bagpipe, is a quality, local, in-person instructor.

    Our recommendation is always that you seek this option first. If you have a local pipe band, ask them if they have any contacts for you. We're also compiling an instructor directory. Click HERE to see if any are listed in your area.

    The Pipers Hut also has many in-house opportunities for you.

    Some work well in conjunction with your private instruction (for example, the Decoding Tone and Decoding Technique courses).

    Others can substitute for personal instruction - the next best option is one-on-one personal lessons via Skype or classes that combine recorded lessons and Skype interaction.

    Beginners might consider our Foundations of the Bagpipe Series.

    Please consider the FREE consultation below as a first step. This option allows you to schedule your own Skype meeting at a day/time that works for you. Or just call us to set up your first lesson!

    Questions? Feel free to call us anytime (614) 828-8210 or email [email protected]

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    Our Band Programs Are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    We offer a variety of support services for Bagpipe Bands. Please share with your leadership so they can check it out!

    NEW! Band Rewards: (FREE)

    Our unique program allows you to grow a band supplies fund at no cost to you.

    provide the links you need. Your members (and/or friends) purchase
    from The Pipers Hut as they usually would.

    These are automatically
    tracked and a percentage is set aside in your
    “band rewards fund” (a store credit for use by band leadership you designate to acquire supplies for the group).

    Join Band Rewards Now

    Quartermaster's Assistant: (FREE)

    A member of our staff will assist in compiling a custom Uniform and Equipment Guide for your members - a concise, comprehensive list of required/suggested and optional items that can be distributed by you and/or kept on file here so we can better assist your members and take some of those pesky questions off your quartermaster's plate! Can also be converted to a custom shopping page on our site...a true convenience for you and your members.

    Workshops: (Fee plus travel)

    Have our resident piper come work with your group for a day or a weekend. Tailored to your needs, topics could include a competition trial run (complete with mock score sheet and follow up work), a tuning session, individual music work, etc. Additional staff can be provided if the occasion warrants.

    Class discounts:

    Register your group for our Decoding Tone or Decoding Technique Course at a group discount. Decoding Tone focuses on teaching each individual to properly set-up, maintain, and tune their instrument. Decoding Technique is a boot-camp of sorts for the bagpipes...a focused mastery of individual skills to improve overall playing.

    Both are great “off-season” training for competition groups.

    Ready to get started? Contact us and we’ll put together a customized program just for your group!
    Call Jon or Michelle (614) 828-8210 or email [email protected]

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