Put your best foot forward.

— Even if it's only once a year.

Our art form is complex combination of appearance, skill and preparedness. 

Some focus on these details year-round. 

Some only when there's a worthy occasion. 

If that's you, read on.

Here are some tips to help you get prepared:

Choose your tunes (and KNOW them)

It doesn't matter how experienced you are. You should always have your tunes memorized and perfected to the best of your ability on performance day, or it's going to be a long one!

  • Performing with a group? This should be simple. Get music from your pipe major and get cracking! Attend practices (and fully participate).

  • Going solo? Depending on total performance time, start with a list of 3-4 tunes you are familiar with. Then add a few crowd-pleasers (reels are always a hit). Nothing harder than you can handle and still play well.

  • Spend ten or twenty minutes a day (at least) on the practice chanter. Get each tune worked out fully within the next few weeks. Start at a nice slow tempo if needed and work your way up to performance speed as you get them down.

  • Do a complete run-through on pipes once or twice a week leading up to performance day.

Get your bagpipes into playing condition

The sooner you start on this, the better. No last minute instrument emergencies the week of.

  • Fire them up and troubleshoot.

  • Check all hemped joints and add or replace as needed.

  • Make a quick recording so you can hear how they sound.

  • New reeds? Make sure you get them broken in and sounding great well ahead of time.

  • Still having trouble? We are always here to help. Call us anytime at 614-828-8210, email us, or set up a free Skype consultation and we'll walk you through it.

And the Uniform?

Get it out of the back of the closet and make sure everything is there, fits properly and is clean.

  • Kilt feeling a little more snug than you remember? Happens all the time. Try kilt extension straps...it'll give you up to 3"!

  • Kilt a little wrinkly? Try hanging in the bathroom for a couple of days to let the steam freshen it up.

  • If you play in a jacket, make sure you still have plenty of shoulder room to allow freedom of movement.

  • Some pipers struggle with shirt size. Fits fine until blowing to play. No need to purchase shirt that fits like a tent. Simple solution - collar extenders available at men's clothing stores.

  • Wash those piper hose in cold water only (we hang to dry).

  • If you need a new Glengarry, measure head diameter where hat sits and convert to US hat size. Check with us if you need assistance.

Our last bit of advice?

  • Have a great time!  Relax and just concentrate on making great music.  

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