Pipers of the Canadian Regular Army 1950 - 2000
Pipers of the Canadian Regular Army 1950 - 2000

Pipers of the Canadian Regular Army 1950 - 2000

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Pipers of the Regular Canadian Army - This book is a collection of tunes that were composed by members of the Regular Canadian Army. There is also a fair amount of information and history on the Regiments. This book is a great item for anybody who has served in the Canadian Forces, or anybody interested in Military Pipe bands.
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1Smokey VC(Sgt Ernest Alvia Smith VC,CM,CD) March12/821
2Allan Quinn March9/822
3Maggie the Kilt Maker March12/824
4Barbara Reyelts March6/825
5Lieutenant Colonel 'Scotty' Morrison March6/846
6Donald Reekie March6/848
7Willie MacNilly March6/8510
8Canadian Heroes(The Dieppe Raiders) March6/8212
9Medak Pocket,The March6/8213
10Pete's Pastime March6/8414
11Lieutenant Colonel D.B.Ells Farewell to 3RCR March6/8416
12Prime Minister's March,The March6/8218
13Lieutenant Colonel Alex Miller's Farewell March6/8219
14Brigadier General C.L.Kirby's Farewell March6/8420
15Drum Major J.F.(Lofty) MacMillan March6/8422
16Captain Ian MacKinnon's Wedding March March6/8424
17Netta Buchanan March6/8226
18Lieutenant Colonel G.R.Cheriton March6/8327
19Captain Donald Carrigan March6/8428
20Niagara Herald(Heraldist R.Gordon Macpherson of Burlington) March6/8230
21Cambrai March6/8231
22Roderick Ross March8/4232
23Sheila's Fancy March4/4334
24Green Line Blues,The March4/4235
25North Saskatchewan Regiment,The March4/4236
26Salute to Excellence March4/4237
27Prince Edward Island March4/4438
28Harrison Anniversary March,The March3/4340
29Lieutenant Colonel A.S.A.Galloway March3/4242
30Damascus Runaround,The March3/4243
31Fourth Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group March3/4244
32Salute to Canada's Queen Mother March2/4245
33Saint Barbara's Day March2/4446
34Salute to the Colonel of the Regiment March2/4448
35Lieutenant Colonel James Skinner of Armstrong March2/4450
36Lieutenant Colonel Ian S.Fraser March2/4452
37Miss Vanessa Jayne Elizabeth Wrighte March2/4454
38Lieutenant Colonel W.H.Seamark March2/4456
39Down the Shirley Road Again March2/4258
40Colonel Strome Galloway March2/4259
41Major General D.P.Wrightman's Farewell to CFE March2/4460
42Lieutenant Colonel Harry Harkes MC,CD March2/4462
43Lieutenant General W.A.B.Anderson March2/4464
44Canon Fairlie March4/4266
45Ship Hector,The March2/4468
46Major I.C.Douglas March2/4370
47La Nueva Hacienda Waltz3/4271
48Alexander MacKenzie Slow March6/8272
49Wendy McArthur Finan's Waltz Waltz6/8273
50Victoria's Graduation Dance Waltz6/4274
51Soldier's Lament,A Lament2/4476
52Changing the Guard Slow March6/8278
53No More to Return Lament6/8279
54MacPherson's Lament Slow Air4/4280
55Flowers of the Forest,The Lament6/8382
56Moro River Crossing,The Slow March6/8284
57Mrs. Joy Cairns Slow March6/8285
58Doctor George A.Fraser Slow Air6/8286
59Sharron's Strathspey Strathspey4/4487
60Alex Miller's Strathspey Strathspey4/4288
61Pint at the Royal Mile Pub,A Strathspey4/4289
62Wee 'Callan Strathspey4/4490
63James A. Patterson Strathspey4/4492
64Trevor Paquin Strathspey4/4493
65Ian Willard Strathspey4/4494
66Pipe Major William Gilmour Strathspey4/4296
67Susan Macpherson Strathspey4/4297
68Verrieres Ridge Strathspey4/4298
69Pipe Major Donald Carrigan Reel2/4299
70Syncopation Jig6/84100
71Lieutenant Colonel Alen Clarke's Hornpipe Hornpipe2/42102
72Pipe Sergeant Andrew Moore CD Reel2/22103
73General John de Chastelain CMM,CD Jig6/84104
74HMCS Sackville Hornpipe2/44106
75Piper Mary Hornpipe2/42108
76Sergeant's Reel,The Reel2/24109
77Flora MacLennan's Favourite Reel2/24110
78Sharron's Reel Reel2/24112
79Pipe Major Gordon Webster Reel2/22113
80Mermaid's Jig,The Jig6/84114
81Stone Frigate,The Reel2/22116
82Tattoo Artist,The Hornpipe2/42117
83No Room at the Top Reel2/24118
84Fraser Clark Hornpipe2/42119
85Never Pass A Fault Reel2/22120

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