McCallum Folk Pipes
McCallum Folk Pipes

McCallum Folk Pipes

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McCallum Folk Pipes, Also called Parlor Pipes in Polypenco Plastic.
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Made by the Folks at McCallum  Bagpipes in Scotland, this miniature bagpipe is made for playing indoors and is  in the Key of A (440HZ), 

It has 1 Bass, and 2 Tenor Drones like the Great Highland Pipe, a Poly pipe chanter with a cane chanter reed. The Drone Reeds are Plastic with inverted drone reed tongues.  The Pipe comes with a Zippered Canmore bag, with moisture control, and gives you the option of using or removing, or altering the internal set up of this pipe. 

The amazing thing about this pipe is the tone..they are very rich and vibrant in tone, very fun to play, and blend in very well with other instruments!!

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