Macsween Haggis Bible
Macsween Haggis Bible

Macsween Haggis Bible

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The Macsween Haggis Bible is a perfect companion to any Scottish kitchen. Small and compact in size. Measuring 4.5?(118mm) x 6.25?(158mm).

‘As entertaining as it is thought-provoking’ – Neil Drysdale

Scotland’s National dish is the source of endless jokes and horror stories, yet continues to provoke curiosity around the world. With an ancient history and an eight-verse tribute penned by Robert Burns, haggis is a Scottish cultural icon. So how did it come to acquire its bad boy image and earn such mixed reviews, ranging from the devotion of its fans to the deep revulsion of the uninitiated? In this informative and light-hearted book, Jo Macsween of the famous family of Edinburgh haggis makers, expertly guides you through the myths and magic to a new realm of haggis appreciation that transcends neeps, tatties and Burns Night. Featuring fifty mouth-watering recipes, Jo rewrites the rules and demonstrates that haggis is a versatile ingredient that can be savoured at all times of day and throughout the year. She even dares to challenge the long-standing association of haggis with whisky, and recommends a new coterie of drinking companions.

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