John Cairns Tutor's Beginners Kit
John Cairns Tutor's Beginners Kit

John Cairns Tutor's Beginners Kit

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A High Quality Plastic Practice Chanter with John Cairns First Tutor Book. Comes with 2 Practice Chanter Reeds!!
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This tutor book is the first in the light music series and has been designed to give the outright beginner sufficient exposure to the art of learning how to play the bagpipe so that they can decide if they would like to continue before any large expenses are involved.

On average, a student should be able to complete all of the requirements contained in this tutor book within one to two months. There are no prerequisites to begin the training at this level. Anyone who has an interest in learning how to play the bagpipe, regardless of whether they have had any previous bagpipe training or any musical training for that matter, will be able to work their way through this volume.

  • By the completion of the level, you will:
  • Be able to maintain (at a basic level) your practice chanter and practice chanter reed,
  • Understand basic elements of music theory,
  • Be able to reproduce basic simple time rhythms,
  • Understand some of the critical aspects inherent with playing on a practice chanter and with playing bagpipe music in general,
  • Be able to read the nine notes played on a bagpipe,
  • Be able to apply good fingering technique when playing your practice chanter,
  • Be able to play simple scalic exercises on your practice chanter,
  • Understand how to achieve a good tone when playing your practice chanter,
  • Be able to complete a basic level of ear training, and
  • Know some key exercises to stretch your fingers, hands, shoulders and forearms.

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