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Drone Top Corks Drone Top Corks

Set of 3 rugged rubber stoppers for corking drone tops.

Our Price: $2.50
Teflon Tape Teflon Tape

Teflon tape for tuning pins.

Our Price: $2.95
Tone Protector Chanter Cap refill Pack Tone Protector Chanter Cap Refill Pack

Refill pack for the Tone Protector Chanter Cap. Sold individually.

Our Price: $2.95
Mouthpiece Protectors Mouthpiece Protectors

Black Mouthpiece Protectors. Used to protect the mouthpiece from biting while giving the mouth something more comfortable or your mouth to form to.

Comes in a pack or two.

Made of Latex.

Our Price: $3.00
Bagpipe chanter tape Chanter Tape

A narrow, black, PVC, tape especially suited to use as a tuning aid on pipe chanters. Tape with Rubber based adhesive, which is flame retardant and cold weather resistant. 1/2" wide 66' long.

Our Price: $4.50
Pull Through Swabs Pull Through Swabs

A 1 Piece swab with a weighted end ideal for cleaning moisture from your drones!  Also can be used to oil drones with Bore Oil.

Our Price: $4.95
Drone Stock Corks Drone Stock Corks

Set of 5 rugged rubber stoppers for corking stocks while seasoning a pipe bag or testing for leaks.

Our Price: $4.95
Reed Absorb Reed Absorb

Made of compressed sponge, this is used with the practice chanter to collect moisture blown into the chanter.

Our Price: $4.95
T Zip Bagpipe Zipper Lubricant T Zip Bagpipe Zipper Lubricant

Used to seal and smooth the zipper pull on zipper bagpipe bags.

Our Price: $5.95
Real Bees Wax Real Bees Wax

@2.00oz of natural very high quality beeswax which offers exceptional coating for your hemp.

Our Price: $6.25
Natural Hemp Natural Hemp

This natural Hemp comes in a 25 gram roll. It does not decompose nearly as quickly as the more commonly used cotton twine does meaning that you will have much less maintenance needed giving you more time to practice!!!

This hemp will need to be waxed. I  use the Thermo wax on the hemp next to the wood, wrap un-waxed hemp the rest of the way, then waxing the outside to create a waxed seal on the outside.

Our Price: $6.25
Cobblers Thermo Wax Cobblers - Thermo Wax

This is the real, old fashioned black Thermo wax comes in a 1/2 oz portion. It is hand made and is very tacky, creating a great connection between your hemp and the wood on the first layer of your hemp joint!

Our Price: $6.25
Replacement Valve for Little Mac Valve Replacement Valve for Little Mac Valve

Replaces the rubber valve in the Little Mac Valve.

Our Price: $6.25
Replacement Valve for the Airstream Bloiwpipe Replacement Valve for the Airstream Bloiwpipe

Replaces the built in rubber valve in the Airstream Blowpipe.

Our Price: $6.25
Practice chanter Brush Practice chanter Brush

Nylon Bristle Brush used for cleaning out the Practice chanter. Good for Both Poly and Blackwood Practice Chanters as well as the reed seats on the Bagpipe Chanter.

Our Price: $6.50
Selmer Polishing Cloth Selmer Polishing Cloth

Specially treated, lint free, non-greasy, non-abrasive cloth leaves an invisible coating that guards against finger prints and damaging perspiration.

Used dry, without other cleaning agents.

Our Price: $6.50
MacClens MacClens

MacClens is a phenol-free, non-toxic, anti-bacterial cleaner for the use in the cleaning and disinfecting of bagpipes. It will not corrode metals, harm leather or stain. Simply spray on the surface to be disinfected, wait for 2 minutes, and wipe down surface.

Our Price: $6.50
Chanter Brush Chanter Brush

Narrow, soft cotton brush, perfect for swabbing out wooden or Polypenco pipe chanters.

Durable, but flexible, twisted wire handle. Overall length is 13.25".

Our Price: $6.95
Rubber Flapper Valve Rubber Flapper Valve

Replacement rubber flabber valve

The rubber flap is on a crimped tab that prevents slipping after the valve is hemped in.

Our Price: $6.95
Bagpipe chanter tape Better Chanter Tape

A narrow, black tape especially suited to use as a tuning aid on pipe chanters. 1/2" by 36 Yards Long. Glue holds extremely well over time and holds very well over repeated movement.

Our Price: $6.95
Humidifier Humidifier

Clay humidifier helps prevent wood from drying out. Place in case for added protection of bagpipes.

Our Price: $7.25
Drone Brush Drone Brush

A broad, soft cotton brush, perfect for swabbing out Blackwood or Polypenco drone bores. Durable, but flexible wire handle.

Our Price: $7.95
Thumb Stop Thumb Stop

2 to a pack, The thumb stop is used with the chanter to help train the thumb (on the bottem hand) to rest in the proper position.

Our Price: $7.95
Bagpipe Tie in cord Kit Tie in cord Kit

Used for tying in pipe bags, More then enough Waxed Twine for tying in 5 Stocks with instructions on tying and cutting pipe bags.

Our Price: $7.95
Bore Oil Bore Oil

Contains no waxes or silicones, safe for interior and exterior of drone, removes build-up and moisturizes wood. A pipemaker recommended product.  Read directions before use.

Our Price: $8.25
MicroFIber Polishing Cloth MicroFIber Polishing Cloth

Great for Bagpipe and Drum Metalwork...

Our Price: $8.25
Goose Adapter Goose Adapter

Made by McCallum Bagpipes, this is used to adapt the Chanter stock to accept your practice chanter. Works with nearly all practice chanters!

Our Price: $11.50
Pipers Third Hand Pipers Third Hand

This handy device fits easily over your pipe chanter to make tuning your drones easier and more accurate.

Our Price: $11.95
Pipers Pal Recharge Kit Pipers Pal Recharge Kit

Used to replace the Gel and the Charcoal. This should be done about once a year.

Available for: Piper's Pal, Piper's Pal Reed Protector, and Piper's Pal for Bands.

Our Price: $12.50
Yellow Un-Waxed Hemp Yellow Un-Waxed Hemp

2oz roll of sturdy, traditional, unwaxed yellow hemp.

Our Price: $12.95
Chanter Reed Protector Chanter Reed Protector

This Polypenco Reed Potector fits over the reed while in the pipe chanter to guard against chipping.

Our Price: $12.95
Black Waxed Hemp Black Waxed Hemp

2oz roll of sturdy hemp prewaxed with cobbler's wax. It is tackier than yellow hemp with beeswax, therefore, ideal for hemping joints that require a tighter seal.

Our Price: $13.95
Yellow Waxed Hemp Yellow Waxed Hemp

2oz roll of traditional yellow hemp conveniently prewaxed with beeswax.

Our Price: $13.95
Little Mac Valve Little Mac Valve

Keeping the bag full and providing a constant pressure for steady blowing is hard enough when playing your bagpipe, so you don’t need the added worry and aggravation of a wasteful air leak through your mouthpiece.

This can be 100 per cent eliminated when you use the “Little Mac” Valve.

Our Price: $13.95
Bagpipe chanter tape Tune Tape Chanter Tape

Tunetape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tuning notes on the pipe chanter.

Our Price: $13.95
Tapered Reamer For Little Mac Valve Tapered Reamer For Little Mac Valve

Used for Widening the bottom of the blowpipe to accept the Little Mac Valve

Our Price: $14.95
Bagpipe Cleaning Bristle Brush Cleaning Bristle Brush

These brushes with stiff Nylon bristles loosen dirt that accumulates in the drones, chanter and blowstick. Three diameters allow access to all segments of the bagpipes.

Our Price: $15.95
Shepherd Tone Enhancers Refill Kit Shepherd Tone Enhancers Refill Kit

Now you can get your Tone Enhancers back to maximum power with the Shepherd refill kit. Changing the pads and absorbent material is quick and easy, and your Tone Enhancers will work like new.

Our Price: $16.95
ETY Ear Plugs ETY Ear Plugs

ER-20 Hi-Fi Ear Plugs reduce the volume by about 20 db--just enough to prevent damage to your hearing, but not so much that you lose the enjoyment of the music.

Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.95
Savings: $2.00
Old School Hemping Kit Old School Hemping Kit

Traditional Hemp, Reel Bees Wax, and Cobblers wax with instructions on how to use them properly. This is the old tried and true method to hemping your bagpipe joints and can last years!

Our Price: $17.95
Wylie Blowpipe Replacement Valve Wylie Blowpipe Replacement Valve

This valve is used only on the Cameron Wylie blowpipe.

Sold Individually, this valve is threaded and screws into the bottom of the Wylie blowpipe.

Our Price: $18.95
Camlock Chanter Cap Camlock Chanter Cap

The Moose Camlock Blank Chanter Stock is designed to fit almost every chanter size.

It fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp.

The Moose Camlock allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage the hemp joint.

There is no requirement for a hole in the top as the off-set cam allows any excess moisture to escape.

Our Price: $23.95
Bagpipe Soft Brush Drone Cleaning set Soft Brush Drone Cleaning set

A set of 4 Soft Drone and Chanter Cleaning brushes each of a different diameter to take care of the different dimensions of each pipe and pipe maker.

Our Price: $25.95
Replacement Pipers Pal Alert Cap Replacement Pipers Pal Alert Cap

Update your original Piper's Pal Reed Protector with the new Piper's Pal Alert Cap. This cap comes with the Piper's Pal Solution and will attach to the original Piper's Pal Reed Protector to incorporate an indicator on top of the reed protector to visually show when it is operating at optimum conditions, and when it needs to be recharged.

Our Price: $26.95
"Big Mac" Blowpipe Valve "Big Mac" Blowpipe Valve

The "Big Mac" Valve - The big brother to the "Little Mac." This valve serves multiple functions as a one-way valve, water trap and air redirect.

Our Price: $27.95
Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit

This set of very sharp cutting tools comes in 3 sizes and designs. Used to cleanly carve chanter holes in order to sharpen specific notes.

Our Price: $29.95
Tie in Cord Roll Tie in Cord Roll

400 Yards of Waxed Nylon enough for tying in many, many pipe bags.

Our Price: $29.95
Pipers Choice Drone Plugs Pipers Choice Drone Plugs

Pipers' Choice Drone stock plugs, install in the bottom of your drone stocks and help give greater control over your bagpipe by ensuring clean starts and cutoffs.

Our Price: $36.00
Moose Valve Moose Valve

The Moose Valve is the Worlds first bagpipe non restrictive valve suitable for every bagpipe set up since the original flap valve.

The Moose Valve offers 100% confidence for every piper combined with non restrictive air flow and an efficient water trap.

Our Price: $37.95
Bagpipe Maintenance Kit Maintenance Kit

Molded Plastic Kit containing Yellow and Black Waxed Hemp, Bore Oil, Tephlon Tape,Drone and Stock Stoppers, and pull through swab. Everything that a beginner piper would need to get started. Leaving plenty of room for reeds etc.

Our Price: $42.95
Shepherd Tone Enhancers Shepherd Tone Enhancers

Tone enhancers proved to be an immediate and outstanding success allowing players to maintain a tighter pipe bag with less air as the main escape route of the drones were now filled with the tone enhancer which regulated the air leaving the drone.

Our Price: $43.95
Full set of Drone and Chanter Caps Full set of Drone and Chanter Caps

A Full set of Delrin Chanter, Bass, and 2 Tenor caps. Used to protect your reeds while keeping the reeds in the reed seats..

Often used by players using hide bags.

Our Price: $54.95
Highland Reeds Drone Valves Highland Reeds Drone Valves

Highland Reeds – Drone Valves... set of three. These drone valves are screw adjustable which means that they can be accurately set to suit your blowing strength and don’t fluctuate with bad blowing.

Our Price: $55.95
The Pipers Pal Chanter Reed Protector The Pipers Pal Chanter Reed Protector

The Piper's Pal Reed Protector functions as a reed protector with the added benefit of a humidity control system. The rod keeps humidified air surounding the chanter reed. Absorbs moisture when reed is wet. Provides moisture when reed is dry. A rubber tipped rod is included which fits inside the chanter to keep the reed in a controlled environment.

Our Price: $55.95
The Pipers Pal Alert Reed Protector The Pipers Pal Alert Reed Protector

The Piper’s Pal Alert is an update to the original reed protector design that incorporates an indicator on top of the reed protector to visually show when it is operating at optimum conditions, and when it needs to be recharged.

Our Price: $58.95
Tone Protector Chanter Cap Tone Protector Chanter Cap

The Tone Protector controls the humidity around your reed, making the chanter reed more stable, last longer, and cuts down on tuning time.

Our Price: $69.96
Hylands In Line Drone Valves Hylands In Line Drone Valves

Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently.

Our Price: $73.95