First Book, By Neil Dickie
First Book, By Neil Dickie

First Book, By Neil Dickie

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Neil Dickie - First Book. A Step in the Left Direction! A music book of "Light Tunes" or "Kitchen-piping Tunes" as author Neil Dickie refers to them. This book is an interesting collection of light tunes and original recent compositions that are currently being played by North American and Scottish Pipe Bands.
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  • Barry Ewen
    Beth Lyall
    Calum And The Princess
    Childhood's End (For Alex)
    Children, The
    Clumsy Lover, The
    Count Dickie
    Delaware Connection, The
    Doug Boyd's Favourite
    Dunrovin Farm
    Fanny Power
    Findlay And The Chipmunk
    Findlay And The Chipmunk
    Francis Murray
    Gavotte, The
    George Johnston
    Greenview Park
    Haunting, The
    In Memory Of The Youngest Shipley
    Jack's Welcome Home
    Jiggernaut, The
    John Meikle
    Kitchenpiper, The
    Ma Collie
    Miss Maureen Lee
    Mrs. Gladys Mac Donald
    Muse's Return, The
    Musicwriter's Block
    Nancy Lee
    Nimble Digits
    Not The Bunny Hop
    Pipe Major Lee's Contention
    Rebecca Deans
    Rocky Mountain House
    Rocky Mountain Lark
    Thoughts O' Burns
    Whitby Runaround, The

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