Murray Blair Digital Chanter with Plain Mounts. Case Included
Murray Blair Digital Chanter with Plain Mounts

Murray Blair Digital Chanter with Plain Mounts. Case Included

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The Blair Digital Chanter lets you play the sound of world-class Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe or Practice Chanter on a real instrument with finger holes, memory for a further 6 additional sets of bagpipes using the free Blair Digital Bagpipes App (free) with options for a standalone bag and accessories.
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• Single smart button for selecting instruments and editing menus
• Large OLED display
• USB rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 6 hours of playing depending on your settings.
• MIDI, connect to an iPad, PC so you can continue playing ‘bagpipe fingering’ but generate the sounds of other instruments via Midi instrument! For example Garageband.
• Aircraft-grade aluminum mountings with Blair logo, or exquisite premium hand-engraved mountings (Victorian design).

World-class Instruments

• Highland Bagpipes
• Scottish Smallpipes
• Practice Chanter
+ free additional instruments from
• C Scottish Smallpipes
• D Scottish Smallpipes
• Bb Scottish Smallpipes
• A Maj Bagpipe
• E Maj Bagpipe
•’Do’ Bagpipe
• G Maj Bagpipe

Adjustable settings

• Individual note sensors
• Drone volume (Tenor and Bass Drones on Highland Bagpipe)
• EQ for tone – Treble & Bass
• Vibrato On/ Off
• Pitch change between 440 -486hz
• Metronome, 8 beat patterns, volume, Reverb and Pan
• Installing additional instruments
• Display brightness and time out
• Power save function
• Factory Reset


• Reverb On/Off
• Volume
• Room size
• High Frequency Dampening
• Pre-Delay
• Stereo Width
• Pan


• Left, Right and Centre positioning of individual bagpipe elements in your audio mix.

Output and Battery

• Stereo 3.5mm audio output
• USB (used for MIDI, recharging battery and updating software)
• Rechargeable battery. Playing time before next recharge, 4-6hrs depending on settings

Updatable using the free Blair Bagpipe App for Mac and Windows.

What’s in the box

• 1x Blair Digital Chanter
• 1x High-quality case by Bagpiper case
• 1x USB lead
• 1x Instruction manual
• 5 Bonus instruments loaded into all chanters

• Headphones or Speaker are required and not included.

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