Blair HBT 1 Professional Bagpipe Tuner
Blair HBT 1 Professional Bagipe Tuner

Blair HBT 1 Professional Bagpipe Tuner

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Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner with analog & digital meters is a precision Highland Bagpipe tuner. It features a variable three speed needle, backlit LCD than can be viewed outside, wide frequency calibration range and individual tuning modes for Chanter, Drones and Chromatic scale. There’s an internal mic and an external microphone input and multiple visual feedback options so tuning is easy and intuitive.
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  • • Analog and digital meters
  • • 3 speed meter control (slow, medium, fast)
  • • Internal mic & external mic input
  • • Chanter, Drones, Chromatic & Tone generator
  • • Backlit LCD, viewable outside
  • • Large calibration range 400-499 hz
  • • Programmed for Just Temperament (Highland Bagpipes)
  • • Increased dampening with external mic input
  • • Light weight (154g with batteries)
  • • 2x AAA Batteries
  • • Metal stand for table use 

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