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Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit

This set of very sharp cutting tools comes in 3 sizes and designs. Used to cleanly carve chanter holes in order to sharpen specific notes.

Our Price: $29.95
Bagpipe Manometer Bagpipe Manometer

Steady Blowing is one of the hardest things to learn on the Bagpipes. This manometer has been specially designed for easy use with the bagpipe.

Our Price: $112.95
Chanter Reed Elastic Bands Chanter Reed Elastic Bands

50 Elastic Bands for use on Pipe and Practice chanter reeds.

Our Price: $3.10
Chanter Reed Pressure Guage Chanter Reed Pressure Guage

Fits over pipe chanter for reed testing. Measures pressure in mm and inches of water. Ideal for determining the exact reed strength. Also used to adjust the strength of your drone reeds to the same pressure.

Our Price: $109.95
Drone Reed Extenders Drone Reed Extenders

Fits into the Drone Reed Seats to lower the pitch of the drones making the Drones tune lower on the pin. Ideally suited for players lowering their pitch to B 466 or A 440.

Comes in a set of 3.

Our Price: $21.95
M.G. Replacement Carbon Drone Reed Tongues M.G. Replacement Carbon Drone Reed Tongues

Replacement tongs and bridals for M.G. Drone Reeds

Our Price: $39.95
Reed Absorb Reed Absorb

Made of compressed sponge, this is used with the practice chanter to collect moisture blown into the chanter.

Our Price: $4.95
Reed Mandrel Reed Mandrel

Bagpipe Chanter Reed Mandrel. Used to open staples on Bagpipe Chanter Reeds.

Our Price: $15.95