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Replacement Valve for Little Mac Valve

Replaces the rubber valve in the Little Mac Valve.

Our Price: $6.25
Replacement Valve for the Airstream Bloiwpipe

Replaces the built in rubber valve in the Airstream Blowpipe.

Our Price: $6.25
Rubber Flapper Valve

Replacement rubber flabber valve

The rubber flap is on a crimped tab that prevents slipping after the valve is hemped in.

Our Price: $6.95
Little Mac Valve

Keeping the bag full and providing a constant pressure for steady blowing is hard enough when playing your bagpipe, so you don’t need the added worry and aggravation of a wasteful air leak through your mouthpiece.

This can be 100 per cent eliminated when you use the “Little Mac” Valve.

Our Price: $13.95
Tapered Reamer For Little Mac

Used for Widening the bottom of the blowpipe to accept the Little Mac Valve

Our Price: $14.95
Shepherd Tone Enhancers Refill Kit

Now you can get your Tone Enhancers back to maximum power with the Shepherd refill kit. Changing the pads and absorbent material is quick and easy, and your Tone Enhancers will work like new.

Our Price: $16.95
Wylie Blowpipe Replacement Valve

This valve is used only on the Cameron Wylie blowpipe.

Sold Individually, this valve is threaded and screws into the bottom of the Wylie blowpipe.

Our Price: $18.95
"Big Mac" Blowpipe Valve

The "Big Mac" Valve - The big brother to the "Little Mac." This valve serves multiple functions as a one-way valve, water trap and air redirect.

Our Price: $27.95
K Valves

K-Valves are a new type of drone valve for the Great Highland Bagpipe that offers a minimally restrictive air flow to the drone reeds and a crisp, clean strike in and cut-off of the drone sound.

Our Price: $34.95
Pipers Choice Drone Plugs

Pipers' Choice Drone stock plugs, install in the bottom of your drone stocks and help give greater control over your bagpipe by ensuring clean starts and cutoffs.

Our Price: $36.00
Moose Valve

The Moose Valve is the Worlds first bagpipe non restrictive valve suitable for every bagpipe set up since the original flap valve.

The Moose Valve offers 100% confidence for every piper combined with non restrictive air flow and an efficient water trap.

Our Price: $37.95
Shepherd Tone Enhancers

Tone enhancers proved to be an immediate and outstanding success allowing players to maintain a tighter pipe bag with less air as the main escape route of the drones were now filled with the tone enhancer which regulated the air leaving the drone.

Our Price: $47.95
Highland Reeds Drone Valves

Highland Reeds – Drone Valves... set of three. These drone valves are screw adjustable which means that they can be accurately set to suit your blowing strength and don’t fluctuate with bad blowing.

Our Price: $53.95
Hylands In Line Drone Valves

Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently.

Our Price: $73.95