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Boghall and Bathgate Forte Dvd

This DVD was recorded live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, in celebration of 40 years of this top class band.

The Grade One band was delighted to take centre stage at the renowned 'Pre-Worlds' Concert hosted by the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band. A perfect way to celebrate and commemorate the band's 40th Anniversary year.

Our Price: $24.95
Pipes Ready

Jim McGillivray, one of the world's best and most respected pipers, instructs on how to set up and maintain all parts of bagpipes.

This video will help keep pipers' prized instuments in peak playing condition with easy to follow instructions and advice.

This is an invaluable resource and a great product to suggest to those making the transition from the practice chanter to the pipes.

Our Price: $28.95
Pipes Up

In this comprehensive 2 hour and 20 minute DVD, Gold Medallist Jim McGillivray covers all aspects of tuning the bagpipe - tuning drones, tuning the chanter, tuning two chanters, using a tuning meter, adjusting reeds and chanters to improve tuning and more.

Hear how to solve the problems that will undermine your best tuning efforts. There is nothing like this video anywhere!

Our Price: $28.95