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Pull Through Swabs Pull Through Swabs

A 1 Piece swab with a weighted end ideal for cleaning moisture from your drones!  Also can be used to oil drones with Bore Oil.

Our Price: $4.95
Practice chanter Brush Practice chanter Brush

Nylon Bristle Brush used for cleaning out the Practice chanter. Good for Both Poly and Blackwood Practice Chanters as well as the reed seats on the Bagpipe Chanter.

Our Price: $6.50
Selmer Polishing Cloth Selmer Polishing Cloth

Specially treated, lint free, non-greasy, non-abrasive cloth leaves an invisible coating that guards against finger prints and damaging perspiration.

Used dry, without other cleaning agents.

Our Price: $6.50
MacClens MacClens

MacClens is a phenol-free, non-toxic, anti-bacterial cleaner for the use in the cleaning and disinfecting of bagpipes. It will not corrode metals, harm leather or stain. Simply spray on the surface to be disinfected, wait for 2 minutes, and wipe down surface.

Our Price: $6.50
Chanter Brush Chanter Brush

Narrow, soft cotton brush, perfect for swabbing out wooden or Polypenco pipe chanters.

Durable, but flexible, twisted wire handle. Overall length is 13.25".

Our Price: $6.95
Drone Brush Drone Brush

A broad, soft cotton brush, perfect for swabbing out Blackwood or Polypenco drone bores. Durable, but flexible wire handle.

Our Price: $7.95
Bore Oil Bore Oil

Contains no waxes or silicones, safe for interior and exterior of drone, removes build-up and moisturizes wood. A pipemaker recommended product.  Read directions before use.

Our Price: $8.25
MicroFIber Polishing Cloth MicroFIber Polishing Cloth

Great for Bagpipe and Drum Metalwork...

Our Price: $8.25
Bagpipe Cleaning Bristle Brush Cleaning Bristle Brush

These brushes with stiff Nylon bristles loosen dirt that accumulates in the drones, chanter and blowstick. Three diameters allow access to all segments of the bagpipes.

Our Price: $15.95
Bagpipe Soft Brush Drone Cleaning set Soft Brush Drone Cleaning set

A set of 4 Soft Drone and Chanter Cleaning brushes each of a different diameter to take care of the different dimensions of each pipe and pipe maker.

Our Price: $25.95
Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit Bagpipe Chanter Adjustment Kit

This set of very sharp cutting tools comes in 3 sizes and designs. Used to cleanly carve chanter holes in order to sharpen specific notes.

Our Price: $29.95
Bagpipe Maintenance Kit Maintenance Kit

Molded Plastic Kit containing Yellow and Black Waxed Hemp, Bore Oil, Tephlon Tape,Drone and Stock Stoppers, and pull through swab. Everything that a beginner piper would need to get started. Leaving plenty of room for reeds etc.

Our Price: $42.95