Used Bagpipes, Made in Canada
Used Bagpipes, Made in Canada

Used Bagpipes, Made in Canada

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2018 set of Original Dunbar Bagpipes (DB 2) with the classic strong Dunbar / Henderson sound. Solid unblemished condition with beautiful African Blackwood graining set off by light Holly tones and Runic engraved Nickel. Original owner purchased this set to accompany a second set of silver engraved Dunbars.
Part Number: u67
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- Fully beaded and combed.
- Projecting mounts and underbushings are Holly 
and are threaded into place
- Engraved Runic threaded Nickel ferrules - 5 stock ferrules are open and the 4 drone ferrules are closed (capped)
- Engraved Runic threaded Nickel ring caps with protruding Holly 
- Standard Poly lined African Blackwood blowpipe & blowpipe stock with additional second solid Poly blowpipe and blowpipe stock included.
- Standard poly mouthpiece unused.
- 2 Dunbar Poly Elite II pipe chanters
- Black and White mixed silk drone chords
- Five Megarity medium chanter reeds
- Set of new Selbie drone reeds.

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