Gordon Duncan's Tunes
Gordon Duncan's Tunes

Gordon Duncan, who came from Perthshire was arguably the most stunning and innovative pipers of his generation.

He played with many of the top folk groups including Capercaillie, Wolfstone and Ceolbeg as well as several notable pipe bands especially The Vale of Atholl.

He was also a respected composer of pipe tunes.

He also recorded several solo CDs including "Just For Seamas", "Thunderstruck" and "The Circular Breath
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A Collection of Music from the Late Gordon Duncan.
  • Tunes included are; Mr & Mrs J. Duncan, Balnauld Cottage, Pipe Major Bill Hepburn, Pipe Major Sandy Spence, Farewell To Halkirk, Tartan Day, The Gladiator, Sir James of The Old Port, Alex's Haircut, Blow my Chanter, Jig O'Beer, The Pitlochry High School Centenary, More Brandy, Roll Out The Snake, Rory Gallagher, The Famous Baravan, The Gathering, The 98 Jig, The Soup Dragon, The Panda, The Trip to Modera, Nae Door Pibroch, The Belly Dancer, The Sleeping Tune, Break Yer Bass Drone, Andy Rennwick's Ferret, Clueless, Davy Websters 40th, Falcon Square, Susan Lazell's, Just for Seamus, Pressed For TIme, The Ramnee Ceilidh, Tain In The Rain, The Fourth Floor, The High Drive, The Thin Man, Yer a Kent, Upside Down in Eden Court, Mr & Mrs J. Duncan's Golden Wedding 2000, Ian Green of Greentrax, The Black Ribbon, Jock Broon's 70th, The Gargoyles, The Sraloch Turkeys, Zeeto The Bubbleman

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