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Mini Speaker for Fagerstrom Tehcno Pipe or Techno Chanters

For use with Technopipes and Technochanters - Mini Speaker allows your playing to become a public performance. Volume is controlled by the speaker. Speaker operates on 2 AAA batteries (included). Speaker is also compatible to MP3 players.

Our Price: $30.95
Support for Fagerstrom Techno Pipes and Techno Chanters

This New Improved Upper Support - for Fagerstrom Technopipe and Technochanter
Just clip the Upper Support to your Technopipe or Technochanter and rest the support against your upper body and enjoy the music or change the angle and hold the support in your mouth like a regular practice chanter.

Our Price: $34.95
Ross Technologies Electric Pipes

The Ross Technologies Programmable Electronic Bagpipes are an affordable, high quality digital instrument, equally suitable for use as a convenient practice chanter or with an amplifier for live performance.

The notes are played in a very realistic manner, by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter.

The unit may be programmed to play in the regular bagpipe key of “b-flat”, or one of seven different keys to match the pitch of other instruments – all by simply playing the desired key on the finger holes ie” all holes covered for the key of “g”.

The pipes may also be set to play an automatic harmony accompaniment (seconds) if desired.

The unit may be easily configured to turn on with or without drones, and will save the last volume setting used. They will also automatically shut down after a period of non-use to conserve battery power.

Our Price: $289.95
Fagerstrom Techno Chanter

The Fagerstrom electronic Technochanter is a lightweight compact chanter. This full size electronic practice chanter is an ideal complement to your regular practice chanter.
It comes complete with a set of headphones. This chanter uses earphones to hear you playing. This way you are the only person who hears you practice. It is perfect for practicing on bus's trains, in bed or at church! As well, this chanter is designed so that you can play a natural C or F. The precision of the electronics make this chanter unforgiving at detecting crossing noises. The unit is specially programmed to shut down after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power. This unit uses 3 1.5 volt batteries. This should give you the approximate playing time of 50 to 60 hours per set of batteries. The Technochanter is perfect for traveling as it will easily fit in your luggage without taking up too much room. Chanters are available in black only A soft case is available for this chanter.

Our Price: $298.95
Fagerstrom Technopipes

Highly portable. Fits in your pocket: only Ø16 x 249 mm (Ø5/8" x 10")
Contains all the electronics as well as the battery: no extra box to plug in.
Uses standard Ø3.5 mm stereo earphones: perfect to play on buses, trains etc. Ideal for the commuter.
Unforgiving at detecting crossing noise.
Authentic bagpipes sounds.
Drones sound with different drone configurations.
Built-in metronome.
Adjustable contact sensitivity.
Pitch adjustable within a two octave range.
Recording capabilities, with variable playback speed.
MIDI output (cable included).
Runs on one standard AAA 1.5V alkaline battery or one AAA 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery. Runs for approx. 10 hours on a 1000mAh rechargeable NiMH battery.
Touch controls for all settings.
1 year warranty.

Our Price: $424.95