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Achiltibuie Chanter Moisture Control System

Lightweight and easy to install the Chanter Moisture Control System from Highland Reeds reduces moisture before it gets to your chanter reed.

Our Price: $56.95
Achiltibuie Drone Moisture Control System

Highland Reed's Drone Moisture Control System reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds.

Drone valves included within the system (removable if not needed) however they will regulate the air flow to the drones giving a steadier drone sound.

Our Price: $88.95
Bannatyne Bottle Water Trap

The Bannatyne Tube Bottle Trap is a tube style trap with a collection bottle at the end containing an absorbent material.

Our Price: $28.95
Deluxe Separating Stock Water Trap

The Deluxe separating stock water trap is especially useful to the Soloist who is playing on the wet cold mornings of Solo contests and then performing with the band in the hot afternoons.

Our Price: $87.95
Gibson Universal Water Trap

Gibson Universal Water Trap is designed to be a free blowing system without air restriction to the reeds.

Comes with an additional absorbent cloth.

Fits into standard blowstick stocks.


Our Price: $93.95
Highland Reed Drone Rubber Cups

These rubber cups are used inside the pipe bag at the bottom of the drone stock. They are a replacement part for the Highland Reed Drone Moisture Control System.

Our Price: $20.95
New Bannatyne Complete Moisture Control System

A silica gel based moisture control system giving longer playing time,

Our Price: $110.95
Ross Moisture Control System

The control over moisture, stability of tone, longevity of reeds, comfort and hygiene is unequalled, as can be verified by pipers of all standards throughout the world.

Our Price: $93.95
Ross Replacement Canisters

Replacement canister for the Ross System.

With option of adding the diffuser lid.

Our Price: $21.95
Ross Replacement Hoses

Replacement hoses for the Ross System.

Our Price: $11.00
Shepherd Tone Enhancers

Tone enhancers proved to be an immediate and outstanding success allowing players to maintain a tighter pipe bag with less air as the main escape route of the drones were now filled with the tone enhancer which regulated the air leaving the drone.

Our Price: $47.95
Shepherd Tone Enhancers Refill Kit

Now you can get your Tone Enhancers back to maximum power with the Shepherd refill kit. Changing the pads and absorbent material is quick and easy, and your Tone Enhancers will work like new.

Our Price: $16.95
Trap Dri Moisture Collector

The Trap Dri moisture control trap (patent pending) has been developed to prevent excess water escaping from your water trap and saturating your pipe bag by capturing and retaining moisture in the tube to be emptied. A revolution in moisture control.

The Trap Dri unit is fitted to your existing water trap tube and does not require a zip bag as it can slip through almost any split stock.

Our Price: $23.95
Trap Dri Synthetic Bottle System

Combines the Trap Dri moisture remover with a Bottle Water trap to increase your moisture removal and control. Fits in the bottom of your blowpipe stock. A Zippered pipe bag is required.

Our Price: $46.95